Urbanization The process of building new homes, skyscrapers, and shopping malls requires land to be cleared of trees, reclaimed from marshes, or created by cutting mountains. The habitat of that particular species is thus totally wiped out. Urbanization leads to other factors like more pollution, or the use of natural resources like water that make the life of other species tougher..

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One hour north of Hartford along I 91 is Northampton, Ma. “Where the coffee is strong and the women are stronger” as I saw on a sign at the parking garage. I think that the quirky neighborhood you seek! Also, bonus: people actually said hello to me from the sidewalk there as I was helping a friend move once.

Anyway, that all if you believe the Chiefs. If you don there a whole other explanation they knew all along, but knew they could get past it because of the lack of evidence. And then the video comes out, and it a PR disaster, and then the only way out of it is to claim they didn know.

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