Satellites, rockets and bits of spacecraft fall to Earth all the time. Mostly they come to a spectacular fiery end high in the atmosphere and are a thrill to watch, should you be lucky enough to see one. Every now and then, however, a huge satellite decides to come home and some of it makes it all the way.

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Change out a higher wattage light bulb for a lower wattage, low energy bulb. If you have a habit of washing less than a full load of laundry, break the habit. Only do full loads of laundry this not only saves electricity, it saves water, which will lower your water and septic bills..

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My new assignment as a Therapist. Now it has become my job, and my privilege, to help sift through the layers of dysfunction and disturbance to help my clients to recognize, name, validate and integrate, as parts of themselves, these wellness capacities. This becomes the exciting, sleuthing job of the therapist.

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Game devs need to remember that people play these games for enjoyment. It not about the time sink. It not about whatever the fuck they think it is. However, her admirable second place finish on Dirty 30 came at the cost of making a few vendettas along the way. After being blindsided by Kailah and blasted on social media by Marie, Cara must now hope that her strengths on the battlefield will keep her out of eliminations. Will CM be able to keep mum long enough to keep the target off of her? Or will she have to add to her already impressive elimination record and fight her way to another Challenge final?Jemmye has no Challenge wins under her belt, and this big personality is antsy to get her first title.

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