“It’s honestly been the best thing that’s happened to my life,” Ciara told E! News exclusively about their boy. “It’s been so much fun. My son is a ball of joy and he’s getting funnier and funnier by the day, ‘cause he’s starting to figure out how to say more things and he’s really expressing himself.

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Proteas lost the inaugural Test of their World Test Championships (WTC) against India by 203 runs. India showcased a spirited performance in the first Test as Rohit Sharma hit centuries in both the innings while spinner Ravichandran Ashwin grabbed eight wickets. Left arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja bagged six wickets in the match..

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From where I sat, this Fritz Lang directed film was the best of the festival. It starred Glenn Ford as a tough cop on the trail of a crime syndicate. Along the way, wife Jocelyn Brando gets blown up in a car, gangster moll Gloria Grahame gets a pot of hot coffee in the kisser and Lee Marvin menaces everything in his path.

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