The process of American representative democracy is that we entrust elected officials with the power to make decisions regarding which aspects of our homeland security plans to reveal to the enemy. Snowden is different from a reporter, or any other citizen that might have discovered the information, in that he promised to remain silent when he was entrusted with secrets of national security. Snowden is as much of a traitor as a soldier that reveals his platoon strategy to the enemy in exchange for fortune or out of arrogance.

You see him constantly butting heads with skekVar, the General. SkekVar embodies bluntness and brawn over brain. He cuts the Gordian Knot in all situations. Brown eyes lit up once more as his eyes traced the silhouette. He smiled, his eyes twinkling with a fondness before pulling his note pad and paper up writing his greeting before holding it up. OOOOCHAAAAAA Chan! I glad you could make it! Didn get into any trouble while I was away right She was a sight for sore eyes, how long had it been since he had seen her.

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The boy was left for nearly 20 hours before the ambulance could reach him. He was unable to move because a bullet had torn a hole through his abdomen. When the fighting finally subsided, he was driven the 130 kilometers north from Ghazni to and a specialized hospital that treats the war wounded..

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